domingo, 30 de setembro de 2007

A banda do David Mateus volta a fazer das suas

Quando se pensava que essa mítica noite iria ficar somente registada no bau das memórias de cada um de nós que esteve lá presente, eis que é publicada a seguinte notícia:

TENTH VOLUME RELEASE OF DAVE MATTHEWS BAND’S LIVE TRAX SERIES - 05.25.2007 Pavilion Atlantico, Lisbon, Portugal


We are excited to celebrate the tenth volume of Dave Matthews Band’s Live Trax series! In honor of the tenth Live Trax, we are pleased to announce the official release of a Dave Matthews Band show from outside the United States! Due to rave reviews and plentiful requests, the May 25, 2007 show in Lisbon, Portugal at the Pavilion Atlantico was selected for Live Trax volume 10!
ABOUT THE SHOW ======== > 05.25.2007 Pavilion Atlantico, Lisbon,
Portugal was the second European stop for Dave Matthews Band earlier this spring. DMB played their hearts out for almost three hours (longest show in 2007) to an ecstatic crowd of 18,000, most of whom were seeing their very first Dave Matthews Band show!
The Lisbon show featured a very rare double encore of Gravedigger > Jimi Thing, Stay followed by Don’t Drink the Water, Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel. Another highlight of the show was Tom Morello’s surprise guest appearance, a first with DMB. Morello, guitarist from Rage Against the Machine, joined DMB for #41 and American Baby Intro.
The chemistry between DMB and the audience in Portugal was very apparent to those in attendance and definitely translates into the live recording. Dave praised the voracious Lisbon crowd as being “unbelievable” and “amazing…like tuning into a soccer match.”! Dave Matthews Band delivered a smashing performance in Lisbon, Portugal that deserves release as the special tenth volume Live Trax!
Agora é a nossa vez de dizer OBRIGÁDÔ

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